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School health education implementation

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School health education is not only confined to the health education curriculum, but also through a variety of health education activities to children and adolescents, the study and the life seepage. From the school policy, safety, nutrition, environment, tobacco control, personal hygiene, mental health, health facilities and community involvement, such as a full range of health education activities.

A school health education, e.g.

Health education should be the whole school education system part.

1) the health education curriculum " of child and adolescent health habits training in childhood or early age began, but the system medical science knowledge and health knowledge is mainly obtained by the way of school education. The school health education curriculum should be the main way of the knowledge they gain.

The different age stages of children and adolescents receiving ability and ways of thinking are different, therefore in the setting of health education curriculum, education content, form, purpose, teaching mould and teaching materials are consistent with the age of children and adolescents characteristics, teaching methods. Should try to make the students of the course of health education to generate interest, active learning instead of the passive learning

Set up health education program is designed to enable students to know about health knowledge, information, mastering self-care skills. Therefore the training of qualified teachers is very necessary, should be constantly on the health education teacher training, so the knowledge updating.

2) health behavior health behavior guidance within the guide is designed to help students to learn the health knowledge in daily life. Mainly through the health belief change and correct belief formation, raise the student correct judgment and evaluation ability, and gradually form a good health behaviors and habits. Habit is gradually formed, once formed, is not easy to change and can influence the whole life. Good or bad habit can influence individuals, families and society. In the school to develop good habits have many advantages. Good habit is the younger the effect is better, the school is planned educational institutions, but also cultivate healthy citizen place, especially teachers ' authoritative every word and action. So in the schools to cultivate healthy habits is one of the most appropriate and most effective.

Health behavior guidance means to have 2 kinds: group activities and individual counseling. The former is the exists generally in the students behavior problems; the latter is on special problems of health care students one by one to help.

Behavior guidance on students' health habit formation and consolidation plays a considerable role. In order to achieve satisfactory results, the school still need to maintain regular contact with family.

2 school health services within the school health services is directly related to the students' state of health activities, is an indispensable part of the whole school health programming. Including students growth monitoring, health checks, dental examination, audio-visual examination, vaccination and the management of infectious disease, common disease prevention and physical defects are corrected, the sudden illness of emergency services, accident emergency measures, psychological consultation and to provide the necessary services for students with disabilities.

3 school health environment at school health environment is to stimulate and promote the students to participate in healthy activities, actively develop the health consciousness of the external environment, including the people, things and environment.

Interpersonal environment mainly refers to teachers and students, students and other staff of the interpersonal relationship between whether close coordination, mutual respect and mutual respect, respect their teachers love students, forming a harmonious atmosphere.

Things environment refers to school activities and measures as well as school teachers and students to the actual health status of employees, such as curriculum arrangement, system establishment, extracurricular activities, school safety measures, examination etc..

The physical environment is refers to the school 's infrastructure, including site selection, building size, the classroom, playground ( lighting, ventilation, lighting, temperature, noise, desks and chairs and so on ), water supply and drainage equipment, toilet, bathroom, dining room, waste disposal and the school sports facilities.