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Tongzi County Legal vice principal active in primary and secondary schools a good spring semester first legal safety education

Date:2012/10/12 11:50:25         Visits:6209

In March 1, 2011, the school officially opened in Tongzi county. For cogent had caught each middle and primary school spring semester " Safety Week " legal education, Tongzi County Leading Group Office of the county law and County Justice Bureau arrange disposition seriously entire county each school legal deputy headmaster, listen carefully in the first legal safety education.

March 1st at 8:30 in the morning, braving the biting cold wind, top a light drizzle, Tongzi County Loushanguan Town Center School in our national anthem, opened the school 2011 spring semester opening ceremony. In the opening ceremony, director of general office, County Justice Bureau Loushanguan Town Center School Legal vice president Zhao Hanghe to " pay attention to safety, pay attention to food safety, pay attention to social life safety, pay attention to network security " as the theme to the students of the school are the legal safety education report, cited in the lives of students, learning in the presence of some potential safety problems, and on how to improve the sense of self-protection were explained. County Public Security Bureau police brigade leader, county of legal deputy headmaster Leng Yiming " how to walk the road, how to take advantage of the safety car, how to say words (to carry out safety traffic safety propaganda ) " in three aspects to students on the traffic safety, to the vast number of students on the spring Semester - a legal safety education.

Opening ceremony after the end of cold Hanghe, Zhao, Yat Ming comrade is how to catch the spring semester 2011 safety education and school held informal discussion, and to put forward how to do a good job of school law school safety education and how to grasp the campus surrounding traffic safety management comments and suggestions. At the same time, carefully guide the school with their own reality, legal system education, safety education work included in the 2011 spring semester teaching plan, develop school legal education, safety education on time arrangement and teaching content.

Strengthening the legal publicity and education in primary and middle schools of Tongzi County, is the " six five " general law is the important content of the work, carry out the 2011 spring semester " Safety Week " legal education for primary and secondary schools, is good " six five " law of a new starting point, to improve their safety and security awareness, promote campus safety education work has played a positive role in.