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Tongzi college entrance examination achievement has been increasing year by year the quality education triumphant news.

Date:2012/10/12 11:40:28         Visits:1386

In 2012, Tongzi one in a line of 409 people, more than two 955 people on-line ( not including art examinee liberal arts ), the highest score of 645 points, out of the Province fifteenth ( bare branch ).

In recent years, Tongzi to the quality of survival, quality and development, education and teaching quality rapidly improved, the college entrance examination has made gratifying achievements.

In 2007, a line of 179 people, more than two 575 people on-line; in 2008, the line of 238 people, more than two 678 people on-line; in 2009, the line of 261 people, more than two 789 people on-line; in 2010, the line of 333 people, more than two 890 people on-line; in 2011, a Book of on 355 lines, more than two 896 people on-line science, the highest score of 628 points out of the province, seventy-fourth; 2012, once again the success of. Particularly worth mentioning is that, in 2003, the students of Li Shaye score of 637 points, the arts, the city's first second good results; in 2005, Dong He students won 660, become Guizhou to save the humanities scholar, this is the history of the university entrance exam of Tongzi county 's best result; 2007, to 666 students at Han Pingping excellent grades in the Peking university.

2004 - 2011, the school won eight consecutive years of Zunyi city high school ( a class) teaching quality award. In 2007 September, the school by the Ministry of education, Ministry of personnel as the advanced education system. In 2009, the provincial education department, Provincial Institute of poems named " poetry school ".

All the time since, in the school of chemistry teaching quality at the same time, do not forget to vigorously implement the quality education, training students to a wide range of interests, development of the personality characteristics of students, improve the students' ability of.

In 2008 to 2009 hosted by middle school students in Guizhou Province second session of Chinese poetry competition, Wu Wenyi won the first prize (the high school consists of 9 ), He Guitian won the two prize of senior group; in 2011 the calligraphy contest, Li Yun works at Tongzi County, Zunyi city of Guizhou province first prize, three prize. In particular, in this year by the Song Qingling foundation and the Chinese Invention Association, Chinese Education Association, the national youth working committees co-sponsored the " Song Qingling youth Invention Award " selection activity, from the school of Wang Zhiquan, sun made the teacher guidance, students Zhu Xiaosong, Wang Xuangong works " new energy-saving LED lights night book pen ", become the representative of Guizhou Province Participating only works, in the country more than ten thousand selected works of the talent showing itself, won the bronze medal.