principals mailbox part public an important channel of communication with my school, is part of the interactive work of public school, the school of your letter will be in accordance with certain procedures, and your feedback processing results within a certain time frame.
Matters dealt
1, duty behavior of the staff of the school authorities and subordinate units reflect the situation, make recommendations, opinions, or is not satisfied, can make matters.
Complaints that should be statutory means to resolve through litigation, arbitration, administrative reconsideration request, shall, in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations of the program to my school.
Act in the process of my school-related functions of the offices of the relevant regulations, policies, and procedures for consultation, to my school.
4 If you have any good suggestions and opinions in my school, to my school.
Second, the letter notified
1, you write activities shall comply with the Constitution, laws, regulations, rules and regulations, as well as social morality, reflect the true situation shall not utter distortion of the facts, slander, false accusations hurt others.
2, the part admissibility processing work is not exactly the same as the petition work, therefore admissible processing procedures and different.
3 If you repeat Investment Trust, we will only accept one you several letters.
Should write the request for facts and reasons, content integrity, expressed in a clear, factual, appropriate levels of detail, presentation and language excesses to avoid split into several letters and disrespectful Please do not use the link at the same time other media reports of the page or download the form instead of a letter.
5 letter, please leave your real name, phone, address, e-mail, etc., so that the school can be better in handling contact you.
6, the letters after the success of the school staff in working days in time to receive, please do not repeat submission. At the same time, you will get the work serial number, and be sure to take good care of. You can work serial number, entered the top of this column position to understand the letters to handle the situation and reply comments.
7, the time limit of normal mail processing reply for 1 to 3 days; complex would be appropriate to extend a period of not more than 7 days. More complex, unable to reply within seven working days, and will inform the senders. Do not repeat submission period of the regulations, in respect of the same things and requirements.
Principals mail Procedures:
Letters from the masses -> school office accepted -> leadership instruction -> relevant departments for -> reply to letters written
Fourth, the principal the mailbox treatment:
(A) a letter concerning the views and suggestions of my school work, cross-Director of the Office of contracting out, was that the leaders of the school reviewed or transfer related offices processing.
(B) a letter concerning the business of the relevant departments, from office to pay the relevant departments to handle.
(C) letters with no substantial content, the unified format reply directly by the office.
Principals mailbox Supervision Tel:

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